restricted_logo_MG_1120Raised in Detroit, MI, restrictEd always had a passion for both reading and writing. At the early age of 10, he began writing short stories and poems. Growing up with a variety of musical influences including hip hop, soul, jazz, alternative, and heavy metal, restrictEd began writing his poems with more structure. At 13, he stopped writing traditional stories and poems in favor of songs due to a strong influence of hip hop. In high school he participated in battles and was often considered to be favorable. However, restrictEd didn’t start recording music seriously until age 17.

Just before entering Michigan State University in 2009, restrictEd met future bandmate Buddy and became part of a group known as The Virtuosouls with a few others. The group released 3 projects, including 1 official album before disbanding in 2012. Afterwards, restrictEd continued to work with Buddy and sharpening his songwriting abilities. He released two albums executive produced by Buddy: The Silver Lining and Chapter Ariel, the latter really displaying his songwriting skills and overall creativity beyond hip hop. He continues to work diligently on writing playing with different schemes and patterns, and he especially loves multi-syllable and internal rhyme schemes. He is currently working on new material with Buddy as the Genesis Kids as well as his own next solo album entitled The Golden Child from Atlantis.

Aliases: Mr. Sinister and Swaggy McSwaggerson


Solo Albums

The Golden Child From Atlantis (TBA)
Chapter Ariel (2013)
The Silver Lining (2012)

The Virtuosouls

The Righteous Quest For Jamaican Koolaid (The Virtuosouls) (2012)
Legion of Tunes (Intricate Minds)

Things That Bump In The Night (2010)
Feng Shui (2009)

Chop Suey – Merlie Merle (Kung Foo Treachery)
Welcome To The Rojo Dojo – Merlie Merle (Words With Friends)
Light My Fire – Merlie Merle (Words With Friends)
Chinese Takeout – Merlie Merle (Words With Friends)
High In The Skigh – Merlie Merle (Words With Friends)
Vacuum - Merlie Merle (Words With Friends)
So Crazy – A.D (Utopia)
Blue Moon – A.D (Utopia)
Brown Paper Bag – J.stielz (Young White Male)
TNT – J.stielz (Young White Male)
Bandwagon – J.stielz (Young White Male)
Live Laugh Love – J.stielz (Young White Male)
Sticks and Stones – J.stielz (Young White Male)
The Return – Sigidy (The Revenge)
Forever – Decando
Colors – Buddy